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Rapid solution to social housing concerns

Esotec have forged a close relationship with Slough Borough Council, having installed a wide-range of security systems for them over the last 9 months. This includes CCTV systems within housing blocks to multi-sensor fire detection systems in condemned housing blocks.

The systems installed vary in size and nature, however, each is required to have the ability to be controlled and monitored from the Council’s existing emergency control centre. They can be viewed and controlled remotely, ensuring active and reactive monitoring by Council employees essential for an immediate response to incidents.

Dave Oliver commented, “We are really proud to have installed systems that help improve the lives of residents within the Borough. Following the tragic event at Grenfell Tower, the number of sporadic fire related events within some residential blocks in the Borough increased considerably. In response to this we installed a number of systems within high-rise residential blocks to help alleviate the threat of false or malicious alarm activations that would result in unnecessary evacuations. I am delighted that the systems Esotec installed, have so far been 100% successful in quashing malicious activations; helping to create a new level of confidence and renewed peace of mind for the majority of residents within the blocks.”

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