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Successful retention of major London Transport Authority contract

The Transport Authority’s CCTV system comprises approximately 1,500 cameras across 100 locations, all linked via a Wide Area Network. The cameras are predominantly used for customer safety and security, staff reassurance and to protect the customer's asset base.

The Esotec engineering team have managed installation and maintenance of the whole surveillance camera base for over 20 years, and understand the requirements of the customer intimately, specifically with regard to the multi-stakeholder expectations and the complex demands of the camera systems. In conjunction, Esotec have also installed and maintain other transport surveillance camera systems that fall under the Transport Authority’s control.

Systems vary significantly in size, from single figure camera installations to sites with in excess of 80 cameras. These sites are currently undergoing a major communications upgrade to an MPLS IP based network. This will allow all camera sub-systems to be accessed from remote command and control locations. Esotec are also pivotal to the success of a 12-18 month programme (2017/2018) to upgrade ageing analogue cameras to IP based systems with the latest in High Definition (HD) recording technology.

Andy Durham commented “We are proud to be a main contractor to this Authority, and are delighted to be involved in their IP system upgrade programme throughout 2017 and 2018. This Authority is a significant customer to Esotec, with the maintenance contract and IP systems upgrade, representing significant business in the coming trading years”.

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